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Garage Door Safety Features

Essential Garage Door Safety Features 

Your garage is intended to provide basic shelter for your personal possessions, vehicles, exercise equipment, and everything else you can think of. For the purpose of convenience and safety, your garage door has the following features. In fact, these built-in garage door safety features have saved lives and valuable belongings. In this article, our Sacramento garage door experts explore some of the essential garage door safety features you can find.

Auto-Release Function: 

All garage door openers manufactured after 1991 include a sensor that detects objects in the way. Many parents can appreciate this garage door safety feature in the event that their child or pet gets caught under the garage door. The garage door will automatically reverse, thanks to this feature.  

Infrared Motion Detection:

Like the standard auto-reverse function, modern automated garage door openers contain an infrared sensor. This is usually installed on the track, near the ground. If anyone or anything breaks the beam, the motor comes to a halt, and the door is pulled back open. You can test this feature by opening and closing the door with an object in the way. Consider these systems to be redundant but complementary characteristics. Our friends at Specialized AV, a Sacramento audio and video company recommend getting smart home automation installed. This is so that you get alerts when someone opens and closes the garage. Smart garage door openers are super handy in case you often forget to close your garage door. Read this blog to learn about the value of smart garage door openers.

Release by Mechanical Means

Because all of the above functions rely on a properly operating garage door opener, what happens if a major storm or accident takes out the power? If you ever get stuck in your garage, Sacramento garage door experts check for a red handle attached to the door, usually near the opener, but the location varies by model. That is the manual release handle that allows you to roll your garage up and out of the way by bypassing your opener’s motor.

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All of these features are standard on current automatic garage door openers to keep you and your family safe in the event of an unintentional run-in with your home’s largest moving equipment. Please keep in mind that when testing any of these features, you should use inanimate items rather than yourself. You don’t want to end yourself in the emergency room! Our LMS Garage Door technicians can help you with your garage door needs. Give us a call for the best garage door services in all of Sacramento!