Businesses That Use Garage Doors

Businesses that use Garage Doors

Businesses That Use Garage Doors

Businesses That Are Using Commercial Garage Doors

A wide range requires commercial garage doors of enterprises and sectors. For example, a loading dock is seen in almost every business that transfers any amount of merchandise. For the simplicity of unloading delivery trucks, loading docks should have a commercial garage door installed. Today on the blog, our team at LMS Garage Doors discusses the many organizations and sectors that employ commercial garage doors.

Garage Doors for Business

First, our Garage Door Repair Sacramento shares that garage doors differ form residential. As follows, a garage door in a home may open and close once or twice a day. However, this isn’t the case for garage doors Roseville. Because of the frequency of usage, improved hardware, a more substantial opening, and stronger springs are required.

Examples of Companies That Use Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors are beneficial in a wide range of enterprises and sectors. Below, our Garage Door Sacramento share five instances of commercial garage door applications:

Mechanics and Repair Shops

Importantly, an auto repair shop is the most popular application for a commercial garage door. This is because sectional doors are most often employed in this building since they are more cost-effective. Gilmore Heating Air and Plumbing, HVAC Sacramento, shares that they used garage doors for their HVAC business. Sectional doors with insulation may also be purchased, allowing you to seal the doors and let the room air conditioned.

Dining Establishments

Many restaurants have turned to commercial garage doors in recent years to expose their dining rooms to the outside. Thus, the use of glass panels in sectional doors allows the doors to close during adverse weather and open when the weather is beautiful so that guests may enjoy open-air dining.

Firefighting Departments

Additionally, the needs of fire departments, who must escape their facilities swiftly in an emergency, necessitating the installation of a commercial garage door. Glass sectional doors are ideal for spaces that require light.

Manufacturing Businesses 

Loading docks are used by a manufacturing organization to dump raw materials and subsequently load produced items for transportation. Heavy machinery is used to load and unload products from delivery vehicles. In addition, commercial garage doors play an essential role in the day-to-day operations of any industrial organization.

Retail Businesses

Last, loading docks are used by both manufacturing firms and retail outlets when they receive items from the producer. Additionally, commercial garage doors are used for transporting items from delivery vehicles to store stock areas. Also, roll-up commercial garage doors are often utilized for security at retail loading dock sites.

Garage Door Services in the Sacramento Valley

Lastly, look to LMS Garage Doors for all your garage door installation and maintenance requirements. As follows, we can install new garage doors or repair your current ones. Additionally, if your old door needs to be replaced, we have top-of-the-line residential doors to suit your needs. Contact us today!

Common Garage Door Repairs

common garage door repairs

Common Garage Door Repairs

Common Garage Door Repairs in Sacramento

When your garage door needs to be serviced or repaired, LMS Garage Doors, Garage Door Repair Roseville, offers quick and convenient services. We are proud to have a team of qualified professionals you can rely on. Today on the blog, our team of Garage Door Repair Sacramento shares common garage door repairs. 

Top-Rated Garage Door Services

LMS Garage Doors understands everything there is to know about correctly and professionally maintaining your doors. We can accommodate all material kinds and door styles. Our courteous teams of specialists are always ready to keep your family safe and secure by keeping your garage doors in good working order.

When it comes to garage door service, we can assist you with any problem. We sell, service, and replace any garage door item, including openers, keypads, springs, cables, hinges, and more!

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Do you have issues with your garage door? Our personnel are knowledgeable about garage door repair and can even teach customers how to maintain their garage doors!

Common Garage Door Repairs

Almost all garage doors, even the greatest quality ones, will require particular sorts of maintenance at some time. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you have periodic maintenance checks performed on your garage door so that we can identify and correct these frequent problems before they harm you and your family or necessitate the purchase of garage door replacement Sacramento

Broken Springs

One of the most common garage door repairs is a broken spring. During an inspection, our professionals will examine all of the springs to ensure that they are in excellent working condition and will replace any. Regular maintenance appointments are an easy and inexpensive approach to keep your garage door in good working order.

Broken Rollers

Broken rollers can occur on any garage door, primarily if you’ve owned it for a long time. Instead of replacing the entire door or garage opener, our specialists can swiftly repair any damaged rollers and get your garage door running correctly again.

Cables That Are Worn & Broken

Even high-quality cables can become worn down over time. Detecting a worn line before it breaks can help you avoid an incident and keep your garage door running safely. However, worn-out wires might be difficult to see unless you have the expertise and know what to look for. That is why arranging regular garage door repair is a wise investment.

Damage Drum

Replacing a damaged drum can be a complicated repair. So allow our professionals, who have decades of expertise and the most excellent commercial-grade equipment on the market, to repair that worn drum before it causes harm to your garage door.

Bent Tracks

Another typical repair is bent tracks. Weather, wear and tear, and a car crashing into the garage door can result in bent tracks or a misaligned opener. Our technicians know how to repair bent tracks, and if they cannot repair the bend and realign the tracks, they may replace them so that your garage door is as good as new.

Damaged Panels

Have you spotted any cracked or broken panels on your garage door? This happens all the time, especially if your children enjoy playing tennis, basketball, or soccer and wind up striking the garage door. If the panels cannot be spared, our professionals would gladly try to repair them or arrange the installation of a new entry.

What is the Most Common Garage Door Style?

what is the most common garage door style

What is the Most Common Garage Door Style?

Common Types of Garage Doors in the USA

Garage doors significantly affect overall curb appeal. That being stated, it’s critical to select a garage door type that compliments yours outside without being a focal point. Today on the blog, our Garage Doors Sacramento explains that specific garage door designs may be more suited to your home’s design. As follows, continue reading to learn the answer to, “what is the most common garage door style in the USA today?”

Ranch Style Houses & Traditional Doors

First, let’s discuss ranch style homes. Ranch houses are one of the most popular home styles in the United States, with single-level architecture and open-concept layouts. Next, for a modest exterior, we prefer a traditional design garage door. However, for those wanting a modern look, designers can chose a modern look, add dimension with a planks door.

Tudor Style & Traditional Doors

Importantly, tudor dwellings are distinguished by stucco exteriors and ornate half-timbering. This is  inspired by late Medieval and early Renaissance architectural forms. Our Garage Door Company near me explains that garage doors compliment this traditional style exterior best. Therefore, select natural wood or steel styled garage for the best look.

Craftsman Style & Doors

The covered front porch, tapering columns supporting the roof, and composite stone or brick exterior materials distinguish the craftsman home. These exteriors are pretty adaptable. Also, depending on the aesthetic you want, there are various garage door types that will suit your craftsman facade.

Modern Farmhouse & Carriage Garage Doors

In recent years, the modern farmhouse home style has grown in popularity, whether external design components or interior décor. These homes are often entirely white, with a covered porch, plenty of windows, and black or natural wood trim.

Carriage house doors, which resemble old-fashioned barn doors, are the most common garage door in modern farmhouse construction. While some people choose solid-color steel garage doors, others get creative with accents wood tones or natural wood. Try a sleek full-aluminum glass garage door if you prefer a more contemporary look.

Colonial Style & Classic Garage Doors

A colonial home is distinguished by its symmetrical design and basic, rectangular shape. Additionally, selecting a garage door that reflects these traits without detracting from your home’s historic appeal is critical. Thus, choose a classic, subtle design from our timeless or carriage collections.

Mediterranean & Wood Garage Doors

Lastly, Mediterranean-style homes often have plaster or stucco exterior surfaces and tiled roofs. As follows, wood garage doors look great with this type of home. However, imitation wood tones are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who don’t want to deal with the upkeep of genuine wood.

In conclusion, we’re here to help you pick the best style garage doors. Please feel free to contact LMS Garage Doors for garage door installation in Sacramento. Also, feel free to check out what our customers have to say here