Why Replacing Garage Door Rollers Is Important

Why Replacing Garage Door Rollers Is Important - LMS Garage Doors

Why Replacing Garage Door Rollers Is Important

Why Replacing Garage Door Rollers Is Important

Many Sacramento homeowners ask us about the benefits of replacing their garage door rollers. As your garage door expert, it’s our job to provide our customers with everything they need to know about their garage doors. In this article, we’re discussing why replacing garage door rollers is important

Garage Door Rollers

If you haven’t experienced any recent garage door problems, you may be wondering what exactly garage door rollers do. Rollers are the small wheels that travel around the track of your garage door. The majority of 7′ high garage doors have about ten of them. Their main responsibility allows the garage door to move on its tracks. Some of the garage doors that come from the manufacturer are built pretty cheaply. Continue reading to learn more about the types of rollers and how they can affect how your garage door.

Steel Garage Door Rollers

The older garage doors have steel rollers with eight ball bearings that are molded within the roller itself. The metal around the roller’s ball bearings stretched, and the roller would lean until its dragged on the roller, creating drag until the ball bearings dropped out or the roller simply broke off. Many garage door experts can agree that the top rollers are usually the first to fail since they support the most tension. A good way to tell if your steel garage door rollers are worn out is by listening to the garage door open or close. You’ll know you need to add replacing garage door rollers to your to-do list if it makes a clickity-clacking sound as it moves up and down.

Plastic Rollers

Another type of garage door roller is plastic rollers, which have no bearings. The roller is made up of a plastic wheel wrapped around a steel shaft. They were initially advertised as a self-lubricating, maintenance-free roller that never needed to be lubricated. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Those who have plastic rollers need to be oiled two to three times a year. 

One of the easiest ways to diagnose this issue is to plull the emergency release cord when the garage door is in it’s upright position, and manually running the door. This tells you how much work the operator is doing. The garage door opener does not want to do anything more than you do. If there is too much drag or the door is unbalanced, it is in desperate need of a garage door service!

Premium Garage Door Rollers

One of the best garage door rollers available is made out of steel. There have always been premium steel rollers with a true bearing and 10 to 13 ball bearings, but they were typically marketed as an upgrade. Premium steel garage door rollers were made to last a long time, but they were very noisy on the tracks.

Finally, somebody took a decent premium steel roller and added a nylon tire to reduce noise. Most new garage doors now come with premium garage door rollers. Since a few manufacturers still do not sell these as an option, when we mount one of the new garage doors, we can replace the cheap rollers with a premium nylon tire roller.

Why Replace Garage Door Rollers

Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of garage door rollers, you can better understand why replacing your garage door rollers is so important. Ultimately, the less force used to move the door, the smoother it runs. A smooth-running door needs less force to open, and the lower the force change, the safer the door. Your door will operate much more smoothly and quietly when replacing garage door rollers. 

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