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Whether it’s a storm or just a little rain shower, people across El Dorado County will need to ensure their garage doors are working properly. That’s why LMS Garage Doors has set up shop right here in our backyard! We’ve got decades of experience helping homeowners get the most out of their garage door systems and keep them running smoothly. We know how important it is for them to stay safe and secure, whether they’re home or not. The wind, rain, snow, and other elements can damage your garage door and make it difficult to open or close. If you’ve noticed your garage door acting up lately, it’s time to call LMS Garage Doors! Our team of experts will help you get back on track so you can safely get in and out of your garage.

If you’re experiencing any problems with your garage door, we offer to help you with the following services:

Our team is available 24/7 for any type of problem with your garage door. Whether it’s a simple repair or an installation of a new system, we’re here to help! Call us today at (916)-899-2333!

Garage Door Service Near Me, El Dorado County, CA

We know El Dorado County is full of friendly people who care about their neighbors and want to help one another when times get tough. That’s why we’re committed to providing excellent service for all of our customers across the county, including:

Garage doors don’t usually malfunction when it is convenient. Whether it is 10 AM or 10 PM, we will do our best to be there at your convenience. Just give us a call, and our technicians will assist you with any garage issues you’re having. From there, we will work with you to find a solution that fits your needs and budget. Contact LMS Garage Doors today for fast, reliable, and affordable garage services! If you want reliable garage door service at an affordable price, call us today!

The Best Garage Service Company El Dorado County

We’re LMS Garage Doors—a local company serving El Dorado County for over 20 years. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable in fixing your garage door problems, but what makes us stand out even more is our commitment to our community. We love El Dorado County because it’s home to some of the most amazing people and businesses on earth, and we take pride in helping those who live here stay safe and secure by providing them with high-quality garage doors at an affordable price point.

We understand that a garage door is an important part of your home. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors and ensure your family is safe. That’s why LMS Garage Doors wants to help you get the garage door repair or installation you need at a price that works for your budget.



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We’re not here just to make a sale—we’re here because we care about our community. We believe in helping people and businesses in El Dorado County, so we offer free consultations and estimates on any job, no matter how big or small it might be. It can be stressful when something goes wrong with one of these big machines—especially if it’s not working properly! But don’t worry, because we have a team of professionals ready to help you get back on track with your life and business as soon as possible.


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