High-speed doors may not get a lot of attention when it comes to building safety and management, but they offer a range of benefits that often go unnoticed. One of the most significant benefits of high-speed doors is their contribution to building safety. While doors in general are important for building safety and disaster management, high-speed doors provide an extra layer of security. In case of a fire breakout, high-speed doors help compartmentalize the smoke and flames, making it easier for occupants to evacuate. Studies have shown that self-closing doors are effective in containing fires.

In addition, public education materials have been created to encourage families to ensure door closure when sleeping or exiting a burning building – this is where high-speed doors come in handy. However, it is important to note that the benefits of high-speed doors are not limited to just emergency situations. They can also help improve material handling and workflow processes. 

Even though security, durability, and design are all important parts of overhead doors, this piece is focused on one of the most important parts: speed. Faster doors can have a big impact on your business, not only making it more efficient but also improving a number of other things. As the best company in Sacramento, CA for high-speed doors, our goal is to show you why our service is the best choice for your business. Find out more about the many ways in which high-speed overhead doors can help your business.

Reasons To Purchase High-Speed Doors

At LMS Garage Doors, we know that you want to be more productive and efficient while keeping your doors’ quality and security. Still, even though there are many ways to improve a home, overhead doors should be the first thing you do.

Think about how important your commercial garage or roll-up door is to your business. They aren’t just ways to get to important parts of your building; they also play important roles in keeping your workers, goods, buildings, and operations safe. A poorly built overhead door, on the other hand, could put your building’s security at risk, slow down productivity, or increase costs, which could make working conditions worse. In the end, if you want your business to run smoothly, you need to spend money on a good door.

We know that picking the right doors for your business can make it run much more smoothly. Do you still need more proof? Here are some good reasons to switch to an industrial roll-up door that opens quickly.

Enhanced Productivity with High-Speed Roll-Up Doors

The standard speed of most roll-up doors is roughly one inch per second. This might not seem significant, but the seconds add up with frequent use throughout the day. High-speed or high-performance doors, equipped with a unique mechanical design, operate at thrice the standard speed, enabling faster opening and closing cycles.

Efficiency and speed are often directly related, and it’s clear that a faster door significantly improves productivity. The swift opening and closing of these doors allow your employees and clients to navigate through your premises quickly without waiting for the doors to open. Moreover, high-quality doors installed professionally with a long lifespan also mean minimal downtime. Importantly, in the face of severe weather conditions, faster doors can remain operational longer than slower ones, ensuring that your business operations aren’t stalled due to weather changes.

Commercial Businesses Need Robust, Speedy Doors

High-speed roll-up doors designed for industrial use are durable, built to withstand frequent usage, and last longer. These doors ensure a smoother operation with a springless design, reducing wear and tear, and therefore decreasing the frequency of maintenance. These commercially designed roll-up doors can bear the brunt of continuous use and are equipped with features to extend the motor’s life.

Ultimately, your high-performance doors will serve you for many years without requiring replacement or extensive maintenance, resulting in substantial cost and time savings.

Enhanced Security with High-Performance Doors

Roll-out doors offer an effective security solution for facilities. However, security isn’t only about the door; it’s about choosing the right one to protect your products, staff, and premises. Strong and reliable doors not only secure your business when closed but also reduce the chance of unauthorized access to restricted areas. The top-tier doors, made from double-walled, heavy-duty aluminum, provide formidable security, deterring damage, accidents, or unauthorized entry.

Energy-Efficient Doors Can Aid in Cost Saving

Fast-moving LMS Garage Doors can help you save money in several ways. They offer better energy efficiency than conventional rolling doors by maintaining the building’s temperature, reducing your heating and cooling expenses significantly. Moreover, high-speed overhead doors can also cut costs by boosting productivity. Most high-quality doors, such as those from LMS Garage Doors, boast a long lifespan with minimal maintenance and superior installation methods, ultimately reducing your long-term costs.

High-Speed Doors Are Essential for Controlled Environments

Many businesses need a controlled airflow system to maintain clean areas devoid of external pollutants. If this applies to your business, high-speed doors are your best bet.

For sensitive industries like pharmaceutical and food processing, maintaining a controlled environment is crucial to ensuring high-quality products. Unlike slow-closing doors that can allow dust, humidity, and other hazards to circulate freely within a building, high-speed roll-up doors prevent this. They are more likely to meet stringent health code standards with their sealed design, minimal exposure time during use, and ability to withstand extreme weather. Pairing two fast-acting doors can also create an effective airlock in pressure-sensitive areas.

High-speed industrial roll-up doors are the perfect solution to maintain optimal, stable conditions in areas such as cold storage freezers, laboratories, automotive zones, food production facilities, and more.

Keep in mind that only well-designed and properly installed doors can offer the level of security and safety your business needs. Choosing a cheap, low-quality model won’t give you the same benefits as a high-quality overhead door.

Which Businesses Benefit From High-Speed Overhead Doors?

High-speed roll-up doors might not be beneficial for all businesses. For example, if your establishment experiences minimal daily traffic or isn’t subject to temperature fluctuations, investing in a high-powered overhead door may not be necessary. If your business can keep doors open for extended periods without any issues, a fast door might not be required.

However, the majority of businesses will find high-speed doors a valuable investment. These doors are versatile and efficient, suitable for a broad spectrum of industries, including:

  • Food processing facilities: These establishments require strict adherence to hygiene and temperature control. High-speed doors minimize exposure to external pollutants, ensuring food safety.
  • Manufacturing units and automotive service providers: These industries often have high-traffic areas requiring rapid, efficient movement of goods and services. High-speed doors cater to these needs, enhancing productivity.
  • Large supermarkets and grocery stores: In these locations, high-speed doors help maintain optimal temperatures, especially in cold storage sections, resulting in energy savings and improved product quality.
  • Warehouses and distribution centers: Fast and efficient movement of goods is critical in these facilities. High-speed doors enhance logistical efficiency by facilitating swift passage.
  • Storage facilities: Here, high-speed doors ensure secure, fast access to stored goods, improving operational efficiency.
  • Pharmaceutical facilities: In this industry, cleanliness and controlled environments are crucial. High-speed doors aid in maintaining such conditions, meeting stringent health standards.
  • Parking facilities: Fast and smooth movement of vehicles is paramount in these establishments. High-speed doors facilitate this, minimizing waiting time for vehicles.
  • Government buildings and enterprises: These establishments often have high-security requirements. High-speed doors provide enhanced security while offering efficient access control.

And many more industries can benefit from the installation of high-speed overhead doors. Remember, the suitability of these doors depends on the specific operational requirements of your business.

Varieties of High-Speed Doors

At LMS Garage Doors, we are proud to present a vast array of high-speed commercial door solutions tailored to your distinct needs. Our meticulously chosen products cater to a variety of industries, with options such as:

  1. External Secure Doors: Ideal for high-traffic areas, these doors not only provide robust security and durability but also require minimal maintenance. Our range of exterior doors come with added security features like clear vision panels and tight seals to safeguard your premises from dust, weather, and other debris. They are a perfect fit for garages, auto facilities, storage facilities, loading docks, and more. Our offerings include both rigid exterior doors and high-speed exterior doors.
  2. Cold Storage Doors: These doors are engineered to protect goods that need to be maintained at specific temperatures, making them the perfect choice for commercial and industrial refrigerators or freezers. Their swift operation ensures your products are kept safe while minimizing energy costs.
  3. Heavy-Duty Doors: Our stock includes highly durable doors designed to withstand demanding usage. Our fast-acting 1024 High-Performance doors can endure up to 1 million cycles without requiring maintenance and are perfect for businesses that need a reliable, long-lasting entrance. Our highly-rated Extreme(r) 300 Series doors offer long, uninterrupted open and close cycles, ensuring your business operations are not disturbed by a malfunctioning door.
  4. Cleanroom Doors: Perfect for controlled-environment applications, our range of cleanroom doors provides an efficient way to keep your area uncontaminated. Typically used in chemical, micro-mechanic, and pharmaceutical industries, these doors come with tight seals, easy cleaning and maintenance options, and high-quality materials to comply with all safety standards your business is expected to meet.
  5. Ultra-Fast Doors: If speed is your primary concern without compromising safety or security, our range of Ultra-Fast Rapid Roll doors is the solution.

Our doors are made from top-notch materials, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, Composite Vinyl, aluminum, and more. Combined with our expert garage door installation and maintenance services Sacramento CA, we ensure that you benefit from the highest quality doors for years to come.

Tailored High-Speed Overhead Door Solutions For Every Commercial Requirement

A high-quality overhead door can profoundly influence your business operations. However, finding the right one can be a challenging endeavor.

As a leading provider of high-performance doors, LMS Garage Doors is committed to assisting you in identifying the perfect door solutions to enhance your business’s efficiency and security. If you’re contemplating upgrading your doors, we’re here to guide you.

Whether you need expert advice on the most suitable type of door or you’re searching for a reliable supplier and installer, we can deliver the solutions and expertise you require. Our experienced team will work closely with you to determine the best overhead door solution tailored to your specific needs and goals. What’s more? Once you’ve selected your door, we’ll support you in maintaining it optimally throughout its lifespan.

If you have any queries or need further assistance, our friendly door experts are here to help. Feel free to reach out to us to request a quote or service. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service, ensuring your business runs smoothly and securely with our high-speed overhead door solutions.



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