How Long Do Garage Door Openers Last?

What is the average lifespan of a garage door opener?

A garage door opener is a motorized device that smoothly raises and lowers a garage door. It’s an essential part of making our lives easier and the garage safer. Modern automatic garage door openers are quieter and include sophisticated safety features. However, like other mechanical devices, garage door openers have a lifespan, and most people overlook their garage door opener until it malfunctions. Then they ask whether it is appropriate to replace their openers and how to care for them to extend their service life. Below, our garage doors Sacramento company answers the question, “How Long Do Garage Door Openers Last?”

How long does it take for a garage door opener to break down?

Homeowners frequently inquire about the average lifespan of a garage door opener. Our garage door company near me explains that doors can endure for 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance. 

Factors Influencing Garage Door Opener Longevity

Various circumstances can influence its longevity, causing it to last longer or fail sooner. 

Garage Door Use

Next, our Garage Door Repair Citrus Heights frequency with which a garage door is used throughout the day affects the opener’s longevity. For example, the life of a garage door opener is shortened when it opens and closes multiple times per day. In addition, the more a garage door is used, the faster its components, such as springs and rollers, wear out, resulting in a shorter lifespan.

Type of Opener

The sort of garage door opener you choose will also impact how long it will last. The three most common types of garage door openers are belt drives, chain drives, and screw drives. While each has advantages and disadvantages, belt drive openers are more durable than competitors and can last up to three years longer.

Maintenance Level

The care and maintenance that a garage door opener receives impact its longevity. A competent technician’s regular inspection and maintenance help spot problems early and maximize service life. In addition, lubricating the moving parts, testing the balance, and prepping the door for seasonal weather changes help keep the opener running smoothly for an extended period.

Quality of the Opener

A low-quality garage door opener purchased from an untrustworthy manufacturer may have frequent malfunctions and a shorter lifespan. Always choose high-quality door openers from reputable vendors to enjoy a longer service life.

Signs A Garage Door Opener Needs to be Replaced

Keep an eye out for the following warning indications that your garage door opener may need to be replaced soon:

  • The opening creates loud noises.
  • The opener is out of date.
  • The door takes longer to open than average or only opens intermittently.
  • When the opener is in operation, there are vibrations.
  • The door comes apart from the opener.
  • The garage door does not open.

How to Extend the Life of a Garage Door Opener

Here are a few tips for making the most of your garage door opener:

  • First, lubricate moving parts such as springs, rollers, and tracks regularly.
  • Repair minor issues and replace damaged parts as soon as possible.
  • The door must be balanced.
  • Carry out reversal tests.
  • Perform a visual assessment regularly to detect symptoms of wear and tear.
  • Consider replacing your garage door opener if it is more than 15 years old and its performance has begun to deteriorate significantly.

Garage Door Inspection in Sacramento

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