Garage Security: Tips to Protect Your Home

Garages are an essential part of our homes, providing storage space for vehicles, tools, and other valuable items. However, they also present a potential entry point for burglars if not properly secured. According to law enforcement statistics, approximately 1.5 million home burglaries occur in the U.S. each year, with the front and back doors being the most common entry points. The garage and windows follow closely behind. To safeguard your home and belongings, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to enhance garage security. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore 15 effective tips to protect your garage and prevent break-ins.

Tip  1: Understanding Garage Vulnerabilities

Before delving into the security measures, it’s important to think like a burglar and identify potential vulnerabilities in your garage. By assessing your garage from a thief’s perspective, you can better understand the weak points and develop strategies to strengthen them. Take a walk around the exterior of your garage and home, paying attention to areas that may appear vulnerable. Additionally, evaluate your home’s exterior lighting during nighttime to determine its effectiveness in deterring burglars.

Tip  2: Locking Your Garage Doors

One of the most basic yet crucial steps in garage security is ensuring that your garage doors are always locked. Whether you have manual or automatic garage doors, keeping them locked at all times is essential. For manual doors, use a padlock clamped on the door tracks when going on vacation to ensure they remain closed. If you have an older door opener without smart technology, consider unplugging it when away for an extended period. Additionally, remember to keep your exterior and interior garage access doors locked to further enhance security.

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Tip  3: Securing the Emergency Door Release

The emergency release lever on automatic garage door openers is designed to allow manual operation during power outages. However, burglars can exploit this feature by fishing for the lever or cord with a wire hook from outside the garage and opening the door. To prevent this, secure the emergency release lever or cord with a zip tie. In case of a power outage, simply cut the zip tie and replace it when power is restored.

Tip  4: Avoid Leaving Garage Doors Open

Leaving your garage doors open unnecessarily can be an open invitation for burglars. Not only does it make it easier for anyone to enter your home, but it also exposes the contents of your garage to potential thieves. Even if you are working in your yard, make a habit of keeping the garage doors closed. Some newer garage door openers have smart technology that allows you to check if the doors are open or closed through a smartphone app. Consider investing in a standalone garage door monitor for added convenience and security.

Tip  5: Upgrading Your Garage Door Opener

Outdated garage door openers can pose a security risk as burglars can easily gain access using scanners to determine the access code. To enhance security, consider upgrading to a modern automatic door opener with rolling code technology. This technology generates a new code every time the remote button is pressed, making it nearly impossible for burglars to crack the code. Additionally, modern garage door openers offer improved energy efficiency and quieter operation.

Tip  6: Using a Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart technology has revolutionized home security, and garage door openers are no exception. With a smart garage door opener, you can monitor and operate your garage doors remotely using a smartphone app. Liftmaster’s MyQ technology, for example, allows you to check the status of your garage doors and receive alerts if someone tries to break in. This technology is also convenient for situations when you forget to close your garage door after leaving home.

Tip  7: Covering Your Garage Windows

Garage door windows and other windows in the garage can give potential burglars a clear view of the contents inside, including valuable items and vehicles. By covering these windows, you not only prevent thieves from seeing what’s inside but also add an extra layer of privacy. Consider applying privacy film to the inside of garage door windows or installing window blinds or curtains specifically designed for garage use. Frosted glass windows are another option that allows sunlight in while obscuring the view of the garage’s contents.

Tip  8: Improving Exterior Lighting

A well-lit exterior is an effective deterrent for burglars. Motion-activated exterior lighting is a popular choice among homeowners as it illuminates the area when motion is detected, discouraging potential intruders. Place the lighting strategically around your garage and home perimeter, ensuring that burglars cannot easily deactivate it. Additionally, maintain well-trimmed hedges and bushes around your home to eliminate potential hiding spots for burglars.

Tip  9: Ensuring Garage Door Condition

Old and deteriorated garage doors not only compromise the aesthetic appeal of your home but also pose a security risk. Any gaps or openings in a run-down garage door make it easier for burglars to break in. Consider replacing outdated garage doors with modern options that offer enhanced security features. Steel garage doors are a popular choice due to their durability and customizable design options.

Tip  10: Upgrading Garage Service and Access Doors

While securing your garage doors, it’s essential not to overlook the security of other entry points, such as the garage service door and the interior access door. These doors should be as secure as your front and back doors, with sturdy construction and deadbolt locks. For additional security, install door jamb reinforcement kits. Remember to keep these doors locked at all times, even when you are at home.

Tip  11: Avoid Leaving Valuables in the Garage or Vehicles

Leaving valuable items in the garage or inside parked vehicles increases the risk of theft. While garages often serve as storage spaces for various items, it’s important to avoid storing high-value items among them. Even with locked garage doors, it’s better to err on the side of caution and keep valuable items inside your home.

Tip  12: Using a Keychain Remote Opener

Leaving your garage door remote opener in your vehicle can be risky, as it essentially provides access to your home. Instead of leaving it in an easily accessible spot, consider using a remote opener attached to your keychain. This way, you can keep it with you at all times, minimizing the risk of it falling into the wrong hands.

Tip  13: Being a Vigilant Neighbor

Maintaining a strong sense of community and being a vigilant neighbor can play a significant role in preventing garage break-ins. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity around your neighbors’ homes and communicate any security concerns with them. Establishing a good relationship with your neighbors can lead to mutual assistance in safeguarding each other’s homes when one is away.

Tip  14: Securing Tools in Garage Cabinetry

If you frequently work with tools in your garage, it may not be practical to transport them back and forth each time. To keep your tools secure, consider using garage cabinetry with locks. By adding locks to your cabinet drawers and doors, you can ensure that your tools are safely stored and out of reach for potential burglars.

Tip  15: Installing a Garage Security System

A comprehensive security system that includes your garage is a highly effective way to deter burglars. Visible security cameras and alarms act as strong deterrents, as burglars are less likely to target homes with these systems in place. Install security cameras above your garage’s entry points and consider integrating them with a whole-house security system for added protection. Motion-activated video cameras with smartphone feeds make it easier than ever to monitor suspicious activity around your home’s exterior.

By implementing these 15 garage security tips, you can significantly enhance the security of your garage and protect your home from break-ins. From basic measures such as locking your garage doors to utilizing advanced technologies like smart garage door openers, there are various options available to suit your needs. Remember to always prioritize safety and remain vigilant to ensure the security of your home and belongings.

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