Why Do I Need Garage Door Sensors?

The Importance of Garage Door Sensors

You may have already experienced the aggravation of a garage door that would not open or shut if you had a garage door opener. Our Garage Door Sacramento team shares that faulty or misplaced sensors frequently cause this issue. As follows, many customers ask if there’s a way to get around garage door sensors.  Below, our Garage Door Replacement Roseville team answers, “Why do I need garage door sensors?”

Why You Need Garage Door Sensors

First, if your sensor is broken or not functional, your garage door will not open and close automatically. As follows, if your garage door sensor fails, you may still open and close it. So, if this occurs, please ensure that nothing is blocking the sensor. Otherwise, it will not function correctly.

Since the 1990s, federal law has required garage door openers to have a safety sensor. These sensors keep the door from shutting on a human or animal, potentially injuring or killing them.

Opening and Closing Your Garage Door Manually

Also, garage door manufacturers anticipate failures. Every garage door opener has a manual release that allows you to raise and lower the garage door. It is simple to use the emergency release and raise or lower your garage door.

What Is the Function of Garage Door Safety Sensors?

Importantly, photo-cell technology is employed in the safety sensors that guard against unintentional entrapment. As follows, photocells are a tried-and-true technology with several applications in the industry. The premise is simple, yet it is highly dependable.

A photocell is installed about two inches above the floor on one side of the garage door. Additionally, the transmitting unit with an infrared transmitter is housed in a second device on the other side of the doo.

Regular Operation – A Continuous Beam

Also, the garage door will normally open if the infrared beam is visible to the photocell. As follows, the photocell receptor usually indicates the housing. The presence of red light indicates that the photocell cannot detect the infrared beam. A green light signifies that everything is in working order.

It’s possible that the issue isn’t with your safety sensors at all. The problem might be a stuck or bound garage door. Check this page for additional information about garage doors that won’t close.

When Things Don’t Go As Planned – The Interrupted Beam

A safety sensor may fail for a variety of reasons. For example, some of the typical concerns are:

  • First, a misplaced sensor
  • Then, check to see if something is obstructing the sensor.
  • Also, a clogged or broken photocell
  • A poor connection or a damaged wire

Our Garage Door Sensors Necessary?

Although garage door sensors are a vital and beneficial safety element, you may be asking if they are required. All in all, they are required by federal law in the United States. Since 1993, garage doors have been required by law to be equipped with a safety-reversing system, such as sensors. Various methods can meet this criterion technically, but garage door sensors are the most widely employed. Regardless, an appropriate safety device must be installed on your garage door.

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